St. TVT体育学校总体规划

St. TVT体育的学校 A Plan for the 21st Century Fall, 2018 – Spring, 2023

Goal 1: Strengthening Our Catholic Identity

Action 1: The Teaching and Assessment of Religion The teaching of religion at St. TVT体育的学校, 以福音为基础, the Catholic intellectual tradition and focused on the person of Jesus Christ, will represent the identity of the school community.

Task 1: A rigorous religion curriculum, keyed to WCEA accreditation standards and to the standards published by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles with scope, sequence and learning outcomes from Transitional K-8 will be taught and assessed.

Task 2: All teachers of religion will be certified as Catechists according to the Archdiocese of Los Angeles policy.

Action 2: Cultivating Faith-Filled and Formative Communities St. TVT体育的学校, in collaboration with parents and all stakeholders, will foster and promote a strong school/parish community, rooted in faith and love that will form students for discipleship, 服务, and responsible citizenship. The pastor is the canonically appointed leader and the primary faith leader of the school, which is a ministry of the parish; the principal is delegated by the pastor as the appointed leader to be the faith leader in the school.

Task 1: As faith leader within the school, the principal will promote the Catholic identity and faith traditions of St. TVT体育的学校 throughout the campuses and the academic year, e.g. through art work and the celebration of feasts and seasons.

Task 2: As academic leader of the school, the principal will ensure that the school’s curriculum and activities include the teaching and practice of prayer, the centrality of the Sunday Eucharist, and the responsibility to live one’s faith in the public arena, especially on behalf of the poor and vulnerable.

Task 3: The principal will schedule times and commit resources for retreat and reflection as an opportunity for teachers, 工作人员, and students to deepen their faith, 他们的精神, and their sense of community.

Action 3: Stewardship and Service Learning Aligned with the religion curriculum, a program of 服务 learning on behalf of the community and parish, infused with the principles of stewardship and Catholic moral and social teaching, 会否定期进行评估,以教导学生建立一个更公平和人道的社会的重要性和方法, 在本地, nationally and internationally.


任务2:每个年级将有一个计划,将服务学习纳入课程,让所有学生互相服务, to the parish or the local community.

Task 3: The effectiveness of the 服务-learning programs will be assessed by the teachers and by the principal.

Task 4: With the help of 任务 Childhood Association, Catholic Charities and Catholic Relief Services, St. TVT体育的学校 will participate in charity programs in this country and around the world.

Action 4: Certification and Continuing Formation for Teachers of Religion In accordance with the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, St. TVT体育学校将为宗教教师和服务于天主教学校的校长提供持续的组织课程, including continuing formation in the Catholic intellectual tradition and Catholic moral and social teaching.

Task 1: Retreats will be available to administrators, 教师和教职员协助他们在自己的学校和学校社区发展成为信仰形成领袖和教理传道人.

任务2:将向所有教师(如宗教教育大会)提供符合继续教理问答认证要求的宗教课程单元的介绍, Dayton University and The Sophia Institute.

Action 5: Strengthening Ties between the School and the Wider Catholic Community In collaboration with the pastor, the principal will seek ways to strengthen the teaching and faith formation within the school and parish.

任务1:从圣. TVT体育的学校 is integral to the teaching and evangelizing mission of the parish, parish financial support for St. TVT体育的学校 along with moral support and endorsement through pulpit announcements, 《tvt体育平台》, the letters from the pastor, and other means will continue to strengthen the ties between the school and parish community.


Task 3: In cooperation with the Los Angeles Archdiocese Office of Vocations, the principal and the teachers will provide instruction on vocations to the priesthood and religious life.

Goal 2: Excellent Curricula, Teachers, And School Leaders

Action 1: Updating Curricula Drawing on the expertise of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Department of Catholic Schools Excellence Committee, 圣. TVT体育学校校长, the teachers and the 工作人员, will update curricula and learning outcomes to meet and exceed L.A. Archdiocesan (District) and 共同核心 State Standards throughout topics that reflect the School 任务 and 哲学.

Task 1: All subjects of the curriculum will be reviewed on a recurring schedule, 确保课程达到及超过地区及社区服务社的标准,同时满足学术多元化的学生群体的需要.

Task 2: As curricula in all subjects are updated, 学生学习期望(SLEs)将被纳入每一个学科,遵循天主教的道德和社会教育的知识传统.

Action 2: Innovative Programs St. TVT体育学校将在TK-8中确定“创新项目”,与学校的使命和理念以及洛杉矶大主教管区天主教学校部门相一致.

任务1:圣. TVT体育学校将制定和公布创新项目课程的学习成果和其他期望,以确保它们满足L.A. Archdiocesan (District) standards.

任务2:圣. TVT体育的学校 will follow Archdiocesan criteria for adopting innovative programs, such as “readiness” and “sustainability” requirements for faculty professional development.

Action 3: Co-Curricular Programs St. TVT体育的学校 will follow L.A. Archdiocesan and the Deanery (PLC 10) standards of excellence for a range of strong, 有吸引力的, co-curricular programs and to promote opportunities for inter- school activities, 和比赛.

Task 1: In consultation with the superintendent of Catholic schools, the assistant superintendent of Catholic schools and the principals within the deaneries within San Gabriel region, St. Rita学校将确定有兴趣为一系列的课外活动推广校际比赛,如机器人, S.T.E.A.M., speech and debate tournaments, 科学博览会, spelling bees and programs that focus on communities in the United States, 国际问题, 全球意识, and Catholic social teaching.

Task 2: In consultation with the teachers and 工作人员 of St. TVT体育的学校 who are experienced in specific activities, the principal will support the best practices for establishing and promoting specific co-curricular activities within the school.

Action 4: Alignment of Elementary and High School Curricula Strategies and procedures will be followed for aligning 圣. TVT体育的学校 curriculum from TK – 8 with the Catholic high schools.

任务1:圣. TVT体育管理 and teachers will continue articulation with the Catholic high schools regarding subject-based requirements, 评估, financial support and the transition from elementary to secondary education within the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

任务2:圣. TVT体育学校将识别和跟踪学生的多样化学习需求,并制定策略和机制,成功地将学生从小学过渡到中学阶段.

Action 5: Accountability Through Assessment For the purpose of assessing and improving learning, St. TVT体育学校将遵循总教区的政策,进行一项共同测试,以评估学生在共同课程、学习期望和宗教信仰方面的成绩.


任务2:教师和工作人员将按照评估工具来规划学生的成长和评估圣堂的宗教课程. TVT体育的学校.

Action 6: Integrating 课程 and Information Technology (CIT) With advice and consultation from teachers, stakeholders and the Department of Catholic Schools, St. TVT体育的学校 will maintain a Technology Plan to develop and support instructional strategies, professional development programs, 道德准则, and implementation resources to promote and make accessible personalized learning, 混合学习, and other curriculum models to ensure a 21st century learning community.

Task 1: The CIT plan will have the following mission:

  • Review best practices in Catholic elementary education.
  • Promote personalized learning and professional development of teachers.
  • Provide and oversee 道德准则 for the use of technology.
  • Provide the framework, criteria, and tools to assess the mastery of all students.
  • Promote and support professional development opportunities for how to use technology
  • for improving pedagogy and operations
  • Annual evaluation of the implementation of technology for instruction to show growth and achievement of the standards for all students

Task 2: Technology in 支持 of Students St. TVT体育的学校 will seek and support resources to ensure teacher, 工作人员 and student access to affordable and effective information systems. 政府会在“学习基金”及天主教学校部主办的C3财团的协助下,每年续期电子收费申请.

任务3:行政当局将为采购和实施现有的、与基础设施兼容的硬件和软件以及寻找和雇用服务供应商的最佳做法作出预算. Network and information security will meet archdiocesan Security policy.

任务4:圣. TVT体育学校将在教室、校园和办公室采取最佳的安全措施,为学生和教师提供一个安全的学校和和平的环境.

Action 7: Hiring and Evaluation Policies 洛杉矶大教区的政策和程序将被遵循,以确保所有的教师和校长是专业认证, 专家在教学, and engaged in an ongoing program of professional development.

任务1:圣. TVT体育的学校 will follow archdiocesan policy for identifying and hiring qualified and certified teachers who are active Catholics, committed to the mission of Catholic schools.

任务2:圣. TVT体育学校行政部门将参与总教区校长/副校长的专业发展,以确保学校领导精通天主教教育的使命,并精通政策的执行和教职员的发展.

Task 3: The administration will follow archdiocesan procedures for the formative and summative assessment of teachers and 工作人员.

Action 8: Professional and Leadership Development St. TVT体育的学校 will seek highly-quality programs for professional, 领导, and faith development of teachers and 工作人员, adapted to their respective levels of experience and stages of development.

Task 1: A program of professional development that fosters 领导 and faith development will be designed around common goals.

任务2:圣. TVT体育的学校 will follow and utilize the DOC resources and training in Faith, Excellence and Stewardship for teachers in all areas such as:


  • 培训技术.
  • Differentiated instruction.
  • Catechist certification with 10 hours per year of follow up formation.
  • Best practices and ideas in teaching and assessment.
  • 课程 standards, instructional best practices and resources for teaching.


Goal 3: An Accessible And Welcoming Community

Action 1: Enrollment Management St. TVT体育的学校 will continue to take action daily to support the enrollment management activities of marketing, 保留, 和招聘. The school will use the DCS Enrollment Management Plan to evaluate and track enrollment and 保留 trends.

任务1:圣. TVT体育学校将确定最佳的入学策略,并计划实现它们,并最大限度地保留现有家庭在所有年级.

任务2:圣. TVT体育的学校 will develop strategies for parish leaders to promote St. TVT体育的学校 to the parish community and encourage parish enrollment in the school.

任务3:校长将与牧师和事工领导人合作,建立一个年度捐赠计划,并在教区和学校的网站上公布. The funds will be allocated for the financial support of parents who seek a Catholic education for their children.

任务4:圣. TVT体育学校将通过教区公告促进学校与教区及周边社区的沟通.

任务5:圣. Rita管理部门将招募当前的父母/家庭参与招聘和辅导计划,在未来/新家庭中充当同行营销人员.

任务6:圣. TVT体育管理 and 工作人员 will work with the pastor and parish admin to assemble a database of former students/families.

任务7:圣. TVT体育管理, PTO executive board members, 教师和员工将计划学校的100周年纪念(2022-23)在秋天开始,庆祝活动在春天达到高潮.